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Étude et caractérisation des boues de quelques stations d’épuration de L’est Algérien.

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dc.contributor.author Boudraa, Issam
dc.contributor.author Kebabi, Brahim
dc.date.accessioned 2022-05-25T08:27:51Z
dc.date.available 2022-05-25T08:27:51Z
dc.date.issued 2020-10-28
dc.identifier.uri http://depot.umc.edu.dz/handle/123456789/8234
dc.description.abstract The treatment of wastewater in wastewater treatment plants separates purified water from a secondary residue called sludge. These residues are rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements. A healthy reuse of this sludge as fertilizer or in other areas requires good characterization. The objective of this doctoral thesis is the characterization of sewage sludge issues from some wastewater treatment plants in eastern Algeria. The first part was devoted to analyze and characterization of sewage sludge issues from three wastewater treatment plants of Batna, Jijel and Sétif, in order to study the reuse of those sludge as fertilizer. The second part of this thesis was focused on the evaluation of the influence of the calcination temperature on the composition of sludge as well as the determination of non-isothermal kinetic parameters, two sludge were chosen for this study, and those are from wastewater treatment plants of Sétif and Jijel. The results obtained during this study are promising for choosing a good way of recycling sludge according to their compositions in the appropriate fields such as agriculture or the construction materials industry.
dc.language.iso fr
dc.publisher Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1
dc.subject Chimie: Chimie analytique et physique
dc.subject Station d’épuration
dc.subject boues
dc.subject diffraction des rayons X
dc.subject caractérisation
dc.subject calcination
dc.subject wastewater treatment plant
dc.subject sewage sludge
dc.subject characterization
dc.subject X-ray diffraction
dc.subject محطات معالجة المياه
dc.subject الحمأة
dc.subject تحديد و دراسة الخصائص
dc.subject حيود الاشعة السينية
dc.subject كلسنة
dc.title Étude et caractérisation des boues de quelques stations d’épuration de L’est Algérien.
dc.type Thesis

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