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  • Cherouana, Loubna; Bourefis, Ahcène; Benabbas, Chaouki (Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1, 2019-05-30)
    Northern Algeria presents a complex geology, structures and varied formations reflecting a geological history and palaeogeographic event. It is localized in a zone of convergence of plates and is characterized by a seismic ...
  • Benzid, Yacine; Benabbas, Chaouki; Bourefis, Ahcène (Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1, 2017-05-22)
    Actually, many scientists agree with the idea that slopes evolution depends mostly on lithological, topographic, climatic and anthropogenic factors. But, the results acquired from different neo tectonic studies in the ...
  • Laziz, Ouided; Benabbas, Chaouki; Benkherouf, Fatiha (Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1, 2020-12-07)
    Constantinois platform, considered as parautochthonous structure overlapped by Tellian units, is composed of carbonate and cilico-clastic sedimentation during the Aptian-Albian interval. The main objective of this study ...
  • Manchar, Nabil; Benabbas, Chaouki (Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1, 2021-04-20)
    Many projects are often compromised, during their realization, and the main cause is, in most cases, a misunderstanding of knowledge of the natural factors (geological and geotechnical) of the sites, especially in the ...

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