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Etude et analyse d’un système de production de froid par énergie solaire pour la climatisation

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dc.contributor.author Mebarki Billel
dc.contributor.author Gomri Rabah
dc.date.accessioned 2022-05-24T10:22:45Z
dc.date.available 2022-05-24T10:22:45Z
dc.date.issued 2017-01-01
dc.identifier.uri http://depot.umc.edu.dz/handle/123456789/6358
dc.description 97 f.
dc.description.abstract The aim of this work is the study and analysis of an adsorption air conditioning machine driven by solar energy. We defined the adsorption and desorption phenomena, the adsorbent, the adsorbate and the basic cycle of adsorption refrigeration machine firstly. Secondly, I have mentioned the criteria for selecting the couple adsorbent/ adsorbate, three celebrate couple and different theories modeling adsorption phenomenon. The study of the functioning of adsorption refrigeration machine is addressed by classical thermodynamic analysis of energy balances of the four phases of the cycle. We used the equation of thermodynamic equilibrium which is based on the theory of Dubinin Radushkevich. In order to compare between the three couples most used and the study of the influence of some parameters on the performance of the refrigerating machine. Because the machine is powered by solar energy, so it is necessary to know the hourly solar radiation received by the surface of the solar collector inclined. Therefore, we have developed a computer code to predict solar radiation at every hour of the day. Modeling of solar collector was achieved through an analogy made between the electrical system and thermal system. We have developed a computer code to simulate the operation of the solar collector during four type days of months May, June, July and August. Simulations of the two chiller water adsorption by solar energy, one with one element of sorption, the other with two elements of sorption were realized firstly. On the other hand, we have added the mass recovery process to the chiller of two elements of sorption to investigate the influence of mass recovery on the performance of adsorption chiller water by energy generation solar
dc.format 30 cm.
dc.language.iso fre
dc.publisher Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1
dc.subject Génie Climatique
dc.title Etude et analyse d’un système de production de froid par énergie solaire pour la climatisation
dc.coverage 2 copies imprimées disponibles

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