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dc.contributorOurtiaghi Maroua
dc.contributorDakhmouche Farida Rosa
dc.creatorTaoutaou Nour El Houda
dc.identifier20161113u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionLearning to write in English involves a great amount of mental capacity. Therefore the students need a lot of assistance and feedback from their teachers’ especially in pointing out the errors that they make because teachers’ feedback is a vital component in learning as well as it is very useful and effective aspect in the learners’ achievements. The ultimate goal of this study therefore, will research on the effect of teachers’ feedback on students writing abilities. This is based on the hypothesis that students’ who are provided with appropriate and effective feedback are more likely to improve their writing abilities.The materials which are used in this study are two questionnaires; one for 8 teachers’ who have been teaching written expression and the second questionnaire will be administered for 30 students of third year. The questionnaires are basically used to investigate different points of subjects concerning the handing of feedback technique and its impact on students writing.
dc.format30 cm
dc.publisherUniversité Mentouri Constantine
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleThe impact of teachers feedback on students writing abilities
dc.coveragecopie électronique disponible (PDF )

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