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dc.creatorBrinet IMEN
dc.identifier20161017u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionJoseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness is an ambiguous one which has been studied by many critics for its different themes and its modern narrative technique. In this dissertation intend to shed light on that novella’s unique and modern narrative strategy and analyze the significance of such a narrative technique in accordance with the theme of a journey inside the metaphorical heart of darkness. This research also tackles the different-in -setting cinematic adaptation of the novella Apocalypse Now to show how Conrad’s modern multilayered narrative technique is translated into a movie set during the Vietnam War. The essential quality of Marlowe’s narration which is compared to an allegory is equally to be studied because this feature which enables the story to stand for and symbolize something other than itself. The main differences and similarities between the novella and the movie are also to be highlighted.
dc.publisherUniversité Frères Mentouri Constantine
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleConrad’s narrative techniques: the journey in heart of darkness and in apocalypse now

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