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The case study of third year applied linguistics students

dc.contributorBit messaoud Khaoula
dc.contributorLaraba Samir
dc.creatorSaadi Sarra
dc.identifier20160414u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionThis dissertation, in two chapters, intends to investigate the difficulties third year Applied Linguistics students face when they write on scientific topics. Our main concern is to detect the student’s difficulties when they write on scientific matters. For that, we hypothesized that if students have scientific background, scientific vocabulary and good mastery of grammatical rules in writing, they would not face problems when they write on scientific topics. To check our hypothesis, two questionnaires were designed; the first questionnaire was administered to 10 Written Expression and English for Specific Purposes teachers of University Constantine 1, the second one was delivered to a sample of sixty (60) Third Year Students of the Department of Letters and English Language, at the University of Constantine1. The analysis of the findings gave us a clear image about Third Year Applied Linguistics students’ inability to write scientific essays, and their main problems are the lack of scientific vocabulary and the bad mastery of grammatical rules. These results validate our hypothesis.
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleStudents’ difficulties when writing on scientific topics
dc.titleThe case study of third year applied linguistics students

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