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The case of third year students of english Department at constantine university 1

dc.contributorDakhmouche Farida Rosa
dc.creatorIlhem Aoun
dc.identifier20160412u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionThe primary objective of this study is to investigate the reading difficulties of Third Year LMD students at the Department of English Letters and Language, University Constantine 1. The study attempts to integrate the notion of linguistic competence into the construct of reading, to examine the reading difficulties and also the factors related to EFL reading comprehension issues. The researcher investigates one aspect of communicative competence which is linguistic competence by putting a hypothesis that EFL students whose linguistic incompetence may be due to their unawareness of how to use their reading strategies while they read. For this purpose, a test was given to 40 EFL students and the results are analysed in order to explore from a linguistic competence perspective where the difficulties in EFL reading are experienced. In addition, a questionnaire is administered to the EFL teachers to investigate the different problems which students face concerning the reading skill. The results show that student’s difficulties in reading originate from the lack of linguistic competence and this is mainly because of vocabulary and grammar deficiencies.
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleStudent’s difficulties in EFL reading from A linguistic competence perspective.
dc.titleThe case of third year students of english Department at constantine university 1

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