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The Case Study of Third Year Students of Language Sciences at Constantine 1 University

dc.contributorBenouar Messaouda
dc.creatorIsmailia Hadjira
dc.identifier20160411u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionThe primary objective of this study is to investigate the nature of the most common and most recurrent English language errors made by third year students of Language Sciences attending (Constantine University 1) in writing an argumentative essay. The other objective is to determine the main causes of their poor writing performance relying not only on the linguists „different points of view but also on all the informants (teachers and students) points of view. In order to examine the problem we hypothesize that if the degree of awareness of the students. Concerning their misuse of the language aspects-raises their writing product will be of a better quality. In order to verify the validity of our hypothesis, three means of research are used: a questionnaire is administered to ten teachers of writing, a test and a questionnaire are given to third year students. The results obtained from all the means confirm partly the hypothesis we set in our study: if students aware of the appropriate use of the language aspects, their writing ability and outcome will improve consequently.
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleThe Investigation of Error Analysis while Writing
dc.titleThe Case Study of Third Year Students of Language Sciences at Constantine 1 University

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