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The Case of Constantine Middle School EFL Class.

dc.contributorBenaissa Nassima
dc.contributorMerrouche Sarah
dc.creatorAzizi Kaouter
dc.identifier20160223u u u0frey50 ba
dc.description76 f.
dc.descriptionThe research in hand intended to investigate the disciplinary problems faced in the Algerian middle school classes, and their effect on the teacher, the pupil, and the relationship between the two. This study also analyzed the causes of disruptive behaviours and attempted to provide different strategies to build an effective and perfect classroom discipline .The target population of this study is Constantine middle school classes during the academic year 2013/2014.In order to verify the validity of our hypothesis, two main questionnaires were used with both teachers and students .The results obtained strongly confirm the hypothesis set in our study ,that maintaining classroom discipline and rules on the part of the teacher could decrease the incidence of misbehaviour in the class on the part of the pupil .Therefore ,this dissertation can be considered as a guide for teachers who face discipline problems in general and new teachers in particular to build a ‘good’ discipline .
dc.format30 cm.
dc.subjectLangue Anglaise
dc.titleAn investigation into the disciplinary problems in the Algerian school.
dc.titleThe Case of Constantine Middle School EFL Class.

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