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    • The role of context in transalting polysemy 

      Harouni Naziha; Sid Houas Ahmed (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009)
    • The importance of outlining in developing good essays for foreign language writers 

      Bouderbane Abderrahim; Laraba Samir (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009)
      Writing in second and foreign language contexts is a discovery of new things. Because it is to find out how to write strategically, instead of only translating preconceived ideas into text. That is to say writing for ...
    • Irish nationalism in the later poetry of William Butler Yeats. 

      Chehboub, Fakia; Harouni, Brahim (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009-06-01)
      This Dissertation aims to investigate William Butler Yeast’s nationalism and his relationship with the issue of Irish nationalism, along with his criticism of the English occupation of ...
    • The cultural evolution of the English language from old Tudor Elisabethan English to new modern English. 

      Bensaadi ep Guerra, Randa; Atamna, Elkhiar (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009-06-01)
      The present research looks into the nature of the changes which occurred within the English society during the middle ages with the aim to explore their impact on the English language. It highlights these changes, investigates ...
    • The welfare state under labour 1945-1951 was it a success?. 

      Bouguerra, Soumia; Harouni, Brahim (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009-06-01)
      The present dissertation aims at analyzing the rise and fall of the British Social Reforms under the name of “the welfare state”, during the Labour Party Government in the period of 1945-51. This study is divided into ...
    • Parliamentary life and democracy in 21st century Britain. 

      Toufouti, Youcef; Harouni, Brahim (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009-06-01)
      Government for the people" is the fundamental principle of modern democracy, and Britain claims to be a democracy, and has in the past, if not the present, seen itself as a model for other countries to emulate. ...
    • The failure of the American dream in the Great Gatsby. 

      Serghine, Ahmed; Megherbi, Nacerddine (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2009-06-01)
      This paper deals with the American Dream, which is essential for a full understanding ofAmerican culture and literature. It refers to the ideals of a nation such as democracy, equality,freedom and the pursuit of happiness. ...
    • Difficulties of Translating the Pragmatic Meaning from English into Arabic 

      Bouhaka, Malika; Kaouache, Salah (montouri constabntine, 2010)
      The purpose of this study is to have some insights about the difficulties which face Algerian students when they come to translate English pragmatic meaning into Arabic. We will try to answer the question: Are the cultural ...
    • The uniqueness of the search for identity in J. Joyce’s Novel 

      Sahnoune Sara; Rahmoune Nadya (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      The dissertation is about the issue of identity in James Joyce’s novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The question of identity is very important for Irish writers because Ireland suffered a lot from alien ...
    • The role of memory in learning 

      Bouzidi Nabila; Elkolli Larbi (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
    • The difficulty in detecting passive and stative forms in EST discourse 

      Felahi Houda; Labed Nacif (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      This study is about investigating and stating the major difficulties that a foreign language student may face in differentiating the passive, more specifically the agentless passive, and the stative constructions, ...
    • RACISM in Joseph Conrad’s heart of darkness. 

      Meziani Meriem; Yachir Mohammed (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      This paper deals with the concept of racism, which is considered as a dark chapter in the history of the world .Throughout history, racist ideology widespread throughout the world especially between blacks and whites. ...
    • Using diaries as a practice tool to improve writing skills 

      Ouazeta Amel; Laraba Samir (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
    • The acquisition of cultural awareness by the Algerian learners of English as a foreign language 

      Bousbai Meriem; Athamna El-khair (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      The present research attempts to evaluate the Algerian learners’ of English as a foreign language at the Department of Foreign Languages, University Mentouri, Constantine cultural awareness acquisition. Developing cultural ...
    • Women during the new deal 

      Ayache Nedjma; Magherbi Nacer (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      This work turns around how extent did women impose their presence in the American society during Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration. Francis Perkins and Mary Bethune are taken as a case of study. Mary Bethune as a ...
    • Translating verbs of senses –to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, and to touch – from english into arabic 

      Merakcha Rokia; Kaouache Salah (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      The present research is concerned with the translation of verbs of senses-to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, and to touch- from English into Arabic. This research aims at investigating whether the pairs to see ) / ...
    • The effect of contextual vocabulary learning on writing performance 

      Bellout Hadjer; Hamada Hacene (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010)
      We can never overstate the power of words. Perhaps the greatest tools we can give students, not only in their education but more generally in life, is a large, rich vocabulary. This research reports on the importance of ...
    • Code- Switching in the Conversation of Salespersons and Customers in Ain Smara Market (Clothes Section) 

      Zerroug Nassima; Lakehal Ayat Karima (Constantine : Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010-01-01)
      Much research has been done on code switching in Algeria and the world but few got an interest in this phenomenon among salespersons and customers in a market. Our research refers to the characteristics of code switching ...
    • Code-switching among english students 

      Dehimi Manel; Lakehal- Ayat Karima (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010-01-01)
      Code-switching is interested by sociolinguistics. It plays an important role in the different studies of language contact which leads to language variation. The focus is on the resulting combination of languages with ...
    • Communication From formal written interaction to media written interaction chat 

      Hezili Amina; Lakehal Ayat Karima (Université Mentouri Constantine, 2010-01-01)
      This dissertation gives interest to conversational media written interactions taking place in a real time on the internet, mainly Internet (online) Chats. This work introduces English students’ writing samples as a means ...