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    • Contrôle des systèmes dynamiques chaotiques. 

      Laouira, Widad; Hamri, Nasr-Eddine (جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة, 2018-11-29)
      The mathematical theory of control has undergone a very important development and its scope currently covers many fields, including industry, economics and biology. . . This thesis deals with the study of the control ...
    • Systèmes dynamiques et chaos 

      Ouahabi, Rabiaa; Hamri, Nasr-Eddine (جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة, 2018-03-19)
      In this thesis we have addressed the problem of the control and the synchronization of the dynamic chaotic systems. This thesis is broken up into four parts. In the first part of the thesis we have given the definitions ...