Soumissions récentes

  • Granulats recycles de substitution pour bétons hydrauliques 

    Bourmatte, Nadjoua; Houari, Hacène (جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة, 2017-03-12)
    The building materials industry is always accompanied by secondary products or waste that have an impact on the environment. In Western countries the rejection of solid waste from factories building materials and demolition ...
  • Durabilité des varietés de bétons 

    Chiker, Tarek; Houari, Hacène (جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة, 2017-04-06)
    The use of mineral admixtures and industrial wastes has marked the modern industry of concrete and cement. The major aim of this action is to meet the requirements of sustainable development and ecological issues. Certainly, ...
  • Évaluation de la Vulnérabilité sismique à l'échelle d'une ville 

    Guettiche, Abdelheq; Mimoune, Mostefa (جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة, 2017-05-24)
    In this work, we performed a seismic vulnerability assessment of the city of Constantine (Algeria) using A classic European macro-seismic method Risk-UE and innovative data mining-based methods (Association Rule Learning, ...