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دراسة الميكانيزمات المورفوفيزيولوجية واالبيوكيميائية لتحمل الإجهاد المائي

dc.contributorغروشة حسين
dc.creatorبوشارب راضية
dc.identifier20161016u u u0frey50 ba
dc.descriptionAlthough drought stress has been well documented as an effective parameter in decreasing crop production in semi arid regions. The objectives of this study were to detect the effect of water stress in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf). The present study was carried out to study the performance of durum wheat. We used in this study ten durum wheat varieties from different sources with two different experiences. The first was on the ground, and the second was conducted in semi-controler conditions. The first experiment was performed during the agricultural seasons 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-2014 at the experimental field of the Technical Institute of Field Crops (ITGC) El khroub Constantine, the objectif of this work to study the effect of water stress in natural field conditions, different measures have been taken during plant growth, morphological parameters, phenological, yield and its components. The results showed that the durum wheat response to water stress is associated with the variety, intensity and duration of water stress, the analysis of variance showed highly significant results in most parameters studied. It remains local varieties Bousselem Cirta and more productive compared to other variéties. the second experiment is conducted in a Glass House was located at Chaab el Ressas Constantine University, where we practice different physiological, biochemical measurements and analysis of variance where very significant between genotypes, we recorded a lack of chlorophyll with an increase in the resistance of the stoma by increasing the content of abscisic acid, sodium and potassium, during local varieties showed high adaptation compared to the varieties imported especially the variety Ter-1/3. The results also showed that the drought leads to a lack of water content with respect to the varieties studied, which have been modified by the accumulation of sugars and proline as well as significant differences in molecular weight of the proteins, while the majority of the response to drought stress was different for each variety. The study showed also that the varieties studied responded to water stress by different mechanisms and in proportions between introduced varieties and improved to maintain the vital functions of durum wheat
dc.format30 سم.
dc.publisherجامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة
dc.subject5 البيولوجيا
dc.subject5 البيولوجيا
dc.titleتحسين القمح الصلب(Triticum durum Desf.)
dc.titleدراسة الميكانيزمات المورفوفيزيولوجية واالبيوكيميائية لتحمل الإجهاد المائي
dc.coverage2نسخ موجودة مكتبة المركزية

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