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(En 4ème année moyenne)

dc.contributor.authorChouaf Aicha
dc.contributor.authorHanachi Daouia
dc.identifier20130904u u u0frey50 ba
dc.description356 f.
dc.description.abstractOnce in French Class (taught as foreign language), where learner is directed to express himself both in oral and written expressions, what is the origin of good linguistic and discursive forms the learner manage to use? And which strategies should he follow while writing a text? These are the questions, among others, researchers ask in the field of foreign languages didactics, notably with the emerging of a new field of research named “Multilinguism Didactics.” We try, through our research, to find answers to these questions in order to understand how learners of French as foreign language think when they write, and consequently, how to help them in written expression.
dc.format30 cm.
dc.publisherUniversité Constantine 1
dc.subjectLangue Française
dc.subjectDidactique du plurilinguisme
dc.subjecttransfert positif
dc.subjecttransfert négatif
dc.subjectLange Etrangère
dc.titleAnalyse des écrits dans un milieu plurilingue
dc.title(En 4ème année moyenne)
dc.coverage3 copies imprimées disponibles

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