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Les Alouettes Naïves et Nulle part dans la maison de mon père Deux romans d'Assia Djebar.

dc.contributor.authorAbdelaziz Radhia
dc.contributor.authorAli khodja Jamel
dc.identifier20120611u u u0frey50 ba
dc.description95 f.
dc.description.abstractIn the first part of this entitled thesis the urban spaces in both Assia Djebar’s novels The naïve larks and Nowhere in the house of my father, on the basis of the sociological theory and the ideas, among others, of Lucaks, Bakhtine, Duvignaud and de Certeau, we tried to bring to light, the action of the Algerian society during the national liberation war as it expressed itself through symbolic characters in cities as Algiers or Tunis, which represented the scene of the told events in The naïve larks and the female condition prevailing in the same society, such as it was painted by Assia Djebar in Nowhere in the house of my father. In this second work, we tried to analyse the society weight on women, whose status was felt accented when it was compared to the French women’s liberal condition in the colonial society. In the second part of the thesis, on basis of Philippe Lejeune and Philippe Gasparini’s works, and considering that the autobiography and the concept of urban spaces are indissolubly connected, we approached the autobiographical problem on both Assia Djebar’s works by trying to determine the part of fiction and reality contained particularly in Nowhere in the house of my father which was the main work our study was based on. As this book, according to the author, is an “autoanalysis ”, we considered interesting to apply it a psychological criticism to try to bring to light the work latent structure, inspiring us from the Mauron’s theory on this subject. The last point approached on the second part is constituted by the analysis of Assia Djebar’s writing and style with a few of its characteristics and its evolution which seemed at first only good in The naïve larks and became after remarkable in Nowhere in the house of my father.
dc.format31 cm.
dc.publisherUniversité Mentouri Constantine
dc.subjectLangue Française
dc.subjectLes espaces urbains
dc.titleLes espaces urbains dans
dc.titleLes Alouettes Naïves et Nulle part dans la maison de mon père Deux romans d'Assia Djebar.
dc.coverageMagister 2 copies imprimées disponibles

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